GeoConnect+ is on the map – PCSG’s co-developed product shortlisted for two prestigious industry awards

Since launching in May, the ground-breaking GeoConnect+ developed by PCSG, GroupBC, and OS (Ordnance Survey) has received industry recognition, with positive feedback from both Thames Water and Mackley. Now it has been shortlisted for two significant industry awards.

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GeoConnect+, the outcome of a two-year joint research project, is a cloud-based platform that connects built environment data with geospatial data, i.e. BIM (Building Information Modelling) with GIS (Geographic Information Systems), in a way that helps asset owners and operators manage large, disparate estates.

In recognition of this innovation, GeoConnect+ has recently been shortlisted for both the BIM Initiative of the Year at the 2017 Building Awards, and the Technological Innovation of the Year at the 2017 London Construction Awards.



The starting point for the innovation came from PCSG’s call to be able to:

– Geolocate: Locate BIM information so, not only can you find out what assets, spaces, systems and components you have in your estate/ on your project, but where they are;

– Georeference: Connect asset data to countless geospatial datasets via a common geo-based reference so you can understand ground conditions, surrounding natural and built environment constraints, boundaries and social-economic data about the local communities.

– Geoaccess: Securely share and access the BIM and geospatial data and enable ease of access for your team, supply chain, and clients.

The main objective was to deliver a platform which could connect to Ordnance Survey open data, OS mapping data, land and property data, flood, river and road network data to assess the value of having geospatial information displayed in the same system as the asset information.

The GeoConnect+ platform also connects asset data with home grown geospatial data, created by in-house GIS teams or suppliers, making it easy to share bespoke mapping data to a far wider team, who previously wouldn’t have had access to costly GIS systems.

“The development of GeoConnect+ has been a truly collaborative effort between all three partners (PCSG, BC, and OS), combining expertise and capability across technology, services and data,” explains Adrian Burgess, CTO at PCSG. “The result is this innovative product that is already enabling asset owners and contractors to access and connect a vast range of highly relevant data sources about both their assets, sites and the surrounding environment, and so more effectively maintain existing portfolios and manage new builds.”

Thames Water are already reporting substantial savings and return on investment and, while they can’t currently quantify amounts, Mackley anticipates big savings too.

“To have been shortlisted for two such prestigious industry awards, is reflective of the strength of GeoConnect+ and of PCSG’s work at the forefront of BIM, responding to client’s needs and pushing the boundaries of what can be delivered,” says Adrian.

The LCAs’ winners will be announced on 25 October, while the Building Awards’ ceremony takes place on 7 November.

To find out more about GeoConnect+ and other PCSG initiatives please contact Adrian Burgess on 07813 495574, or email him at