“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” (Steve Jobs)

Defining the problem – the ‘Why?’, ‘What?’ and ‘How?’ – will form the centre-piece of a presentation on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital engineering by PCSG’s Colin Mann & Maria Chiozzi at the Future Infrastructure Summit this week.

The summit, organised by BuildingSMART Australasia, will bring together industry leaders in BIM and Lean from across the Australian infrastructure and construction sectors to share best-practice and provide an overview of the benefits that digital techniques and capabilities can unlock.

In their presentation, Colin and Maria will focus on the importance for organisations of devoting time and resource to understanding why they want to implement new ways of working as a critical first step. Only then, they will say, should they progress to target-states and developing road-maps for fulfilling their vision.

The pair will run-through typical prompts for change and look to ‘real-life’ case studies where a lean approach has been used to demonstrate the value that can be unlocked through embracing information management and leveraging the power of data throughout the whole-life management of assets.

With an unprecedented infrastructure spending programme underway in Australia across Transport, Health, Education, Justice and Local Government, proponents of digital techniques and capabilities are seizing on the opportunity for a ‘smart’, data-driven approach to planning, delivering and operating the country’s built-environment.

PCSG has recently been working with clients that include the State governments of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, on developing their respective digital strategies.

Colin will draw on his 9 years as a Director at PwC, where he helped clients across the public and private sector to drive value through the delivery of technological, data-driven business change programmes.

The Future Infrastructure Summit will be held in Melbourne on 23rd October and Brisbane on 28th.

Speakers at the Brisbane summit will include Graeme Newton, Chief Executive Officer of Cross River Rail, a flagship under-construction Queensland infrastructure project which is committed to BIM and digital delivery.

For more information on PCSG Australia’s digital advisory services, please email Colin on colin.mann@pcsg-australia.com.au.