The world of homeworking is set to become familiar for many as we adapt to COVID-19 and its far-reaching health, social and economic impacts.

At PCSG, in addition to following the advice provided by Public Health England, we have ensured that our team is set-up and fully enabled to work remotely.

As far as possible, business will continue as usual amidst this pandemic, with sensible precautions being taken over travel and meeting in person.

For many of us here, working from home is part of our normal weekly routine.

Today, with the array of tools and technology available, immediate contact with anyone, anywhere is possible.

The benefits are well-rehearsed: Cutting out onerous and expensive commutes; uninterrupted work time and concentration free from the distractions that can come with open-plan offices.

But if a team is geographically dispersed, retaining the ‘teamship’ – helping people to feel ‘connected’ and to flourish in their role as a part of something bigger – is critical.

We’ve found that small but important initiatives can have a significant impact:

Our PCSG team WhatsApp? enables us to check in with each other and share interesting material and information both from work and home;

A weekly ‘Team Update email’, to which individuals from across our workstreams contribute, is our forum for celebrating team achievements and keeping everyone up to date on the range of exciting projects we are supporting.

Recently, we’ve also deployed Strava, the ‘social-fitness’ network to set-up a remote ‘run club’. Team members of all ages and abilities, from the South-coast to Surrey, enthusiastically log their weekly runs (and swims, hikes, etc..) and celebrate each other’s achievements. To mark PCSG’s 20th birthday, this year, we’re working towards a shared goal of hitting 20,000 kilometres across the year.

Before the arrival of COVID-19, we would hold regular ‘team touch-ins’ where we got together in our Croydon head office. These will continue over MS Teams.

How will your team stay connected during these challenging times? We’d love to hear in the comments below…

Wishing all the best to you and your families.