PCSG turned 20 this year – a fantastic milestone for our team and for our founder, Katherine Bew.

Katherine started PCSG (then PCS) after a decade working in the civil engineering division of  John Laing Construction.  In those days, our focus was on helping contractors with their pre-construction activities – bidding for and winning work and developing robust business strategies.

Since then, we’ve expanded significantly with a 50-strong team working out of the UK and Australia.

Katherine merged the business with that of her husband, Dr Mark Bew (former chairman of the UK Government BIM Task Group), which focused on helping organisations in the private and public sector to adopt a digital, data-driven approach towards the design, build and maintenance of their built assets.

Mark and our team have led the way in bringing digital techniques and capabilities to the lifecycle of the built environment and we’ve supported many of the country’s biggest programmes of work. These currently include HS2.

In addition, we’re leaders in the field of behavioural and cultural support – helping teams in the built-environment sector (and beyond) to embed the mindset and processes which make them truly high-performing. You can read more about our recent work helping Sellafield to achieve this, here. 

We’re still passionate about helping companies to win work through the highest-quality bid submissions. Today though, our content and communications team also use their skills to help our clients to promote and explain their solutions and capabilities. That might be by writing press releases, by producing copy for their websites, by creating crisp and attractive presentations and by producing lively, engaging videos.

We’re also skilled at helping clients to manage and mobilise their built environment projects – alleviating the internal pressure.

Celebrating in Covid-19 times

Due to Covid-19, our birthday celebrations have had to be ‘re-imagined’.

They’ve included a challenge to the team to do ’20’ of something.  The response included twenty yoga poses, twenty squats and ….eating 20 Maltesers…..

We hope you enjoy our little video:

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us on our journey to date – especially to our clients.