AMAZON once had a famous “two pizza box” principle for its teams. The rule was that every internal team should be small enough to be fed by two large pizzas.

The edict was not related to the technology group’s catering budget or concerns over food waste. It was based on a Jeff Bezos belief around ideal team composition and size. A smaller team, his thinking went, would be more agile, focused and efficient.

In the built-environment sector, how best to set-up and sustain teams for success is an enduring topic. The complexity of major projects, their longevity and the range of stakeholders involved means that group dynamics, leadership style and behaviours all demand in-depth consideration.

At the Major Projects Association (MPA) annual conference tomorrow (Friday 9th), PCSG’s Managing Director, Katherine Bew, will provide advice and insights into creating environments that enable teams to flourish.

Her talk will draw on her experience, spanning more than a decade, of helping executive boards and joint ventures to deepen their understanding of and respect for the contribution of different styles of working and individual strengths. Katherine has worked with teams across the globe developing leadership approaches designed to unlock the best outcomes.

Her presentation “Creating environments that enable people to flourish” will explore:

  • The importance of culture in major project delivery
  • How to create ‘pyschologically safe’ environments
  • The leadership behaviours that set up teams for success.

Katherine will also touch-on some of the tools and techniques we use to support teams, including our PCSG high-performance team model (shown in the image, right).

The MPA conference focus is on ‘harnessing emotional intelligence in the successful delivery of major projects’.

Other speakers will include Andy Mitchell, CBE, the Chief Executive of Tideway and Dr Michele Dix, CBE, the Managing Director of Crossrail 2.

The virtual event will take place between 8.30-12.30

To learn more about our work supporting organisations to create high performing teams and trusted environments, please contact our Head of People and Change: