The state Government in Victoria has announced it is to invest a landmark AU$35.2 million on digital twin technology and spatial innovation over the next three years.

The announcement – which positions Victoria as a global leader in digital innovation and location-based intelligence – follows a successful pilot project that created a digital twin for the Fisherman’s Bend renewal project in 2019.

PCSG is delighted to have contributed to the ground-breaking programme through our work last year, assisting the Victorian Government in developing a business case for the Digital Twin Victoria opportunity.

Digital Twin Victoria (DTV), a digital replica of the state, is expected to comprise digital models of utilities infrastructure, cities and farmland.

Victoria’s Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, said that Digital Twin Victoria would “catapult Victoria into its digital future.” The data, he said, would be accessible to planners, engineers and builders, who could use the twin to model different scenarios and test the feasibility of their proposals.

Gavin Cotterill, Consulting Director of PCSG said: “We are delighted to see the Victorian Government invest in the Digital Twin Victoria program. This program will transform planning and unlock efficiencies from the start to the finish of infrastructure projects and will help to drive Victoria’s recovering economy.”

PCSG’s strategic work with the Victorian Government helped to identify that a key opportunity exists for digital spatial innovation to unlock economy wide savings through Victoria’s Big Build and by leveraging the digital acceleration underway in response to COVID-19.

We helped to articulate that Digital Twin Victoria will lay the foundations to transform the way Victoria is planned, developed and managed. It will create a more liveable, sustainable and resilient State through data-driven, digital innovation.

In addition to developing the vision, PCSG helped identify problems with the current ways of working, demonstrate the case for change (benefits), develop DTV program options, and outlined how the Digital Twin program could be set up. We also delivered a multi-phased approach to achieve the DTV vision.

PCSG continues to provide Australian governments and cities with key strategic advice in developing their Digital Twin programs.

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