PCSG is delighted to have been awarded a position on the Communities & Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) Consultancy Services Framework for digital asset delivery.

Our success will position us to support the digital journey of the not-for-profit organisation, whose 140+ members together service more than 800,000 social housing homes across the UK across a range of digital services on the appointed framework lots.

We will be in line to provide Digital Asset Collation, Digital Twin Platform and Member Specific Development support to CHIC’s members through the framework.

Momentum around the adoption of a digital, data-driven approach towards management of housing stock has accelerated with the introduction of proposed major reforms including the draft Building Safety Bill. Many housing associations have either insufficient/incomplete or unusable data on their portfolios.

To help overcome this, the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government has specified the use of digital tools and systems to support the capturing, storing, and leveraging of key information about housing stock and to ensure it is easily accessible to those who need it.

The eight-year framework was tendered by the CHIC to support its members to capture, create, host, and maintain digital solutions for their portfolios, and “enable them to transform their physical portfolio into a true digital asset.”

The CHIC framework aims to support its members with key deliverables including building safety, intelligent asset management and future emission reduction as well as the provision of a stand-out service to customers.

A recent study found that 34% of housing associations still consider themselves to be digital beginners, 27% don’t have a digital strategy and 36% have no target in place on the volume of digital transactions they need to achieve.

 For further information on how PCSG supports organisations to develop and deliver digital strategies for optimising their asset management, please contact our Real Estate Sector Lead at  olly.thomas@pcsg.co.uk