About Us

PCSG is a leading built environment consultancy with bases in the UK and Australia.

Since 2000, we have provided an outstanding service and the best-informed advice to organisations in the UK and abroad. Working in close partnership with our clients, we leverage the skills and expertise of our 50 strong-team, and a select handful of high-calibre, complementary partners, to meet and surpass their objectives.

Mission Vision Values

Working internationally, our mission is to apply our expertise and unrivalled depth of experience in support of successful outcomes for our clients.

We are passionate about using our expert knowledge to help the organisations we work with to more effectively deliver, operate and optimise built assets and to deepen their understanding of how the built environment can sustainably meet the needs of the people it serves.

Whether we are providing advice and services, solutions, systems or data our end-goal is the same: To work collaboratively with you to achieve your objectives and ultimately to flourish in this fast-paced, highly competitive 21st century world.

We encapsulate this aim in our company vision of:

Infinitely • Smarter • Futures

Everything we do is guided and shaped by our values.

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