PCSG is committed to protecting the environment and continually improving and developing our Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance, which underpins all our business activities. PCSG conducts all activities in a socially and environmentally responsible way and encourages clients and associates to adopt the same approach.

The Directors of PCSG are responsible for regularly reviewing and setting environmental objectives and targets to ensure proactive and ongoing development. We have identified the most significant environmental impacts of our activities to be carbon emissions from travel, waste, the supply chain and our ability to influence our clients’ environmental performance.

PCSG is committed to delivering a positive environmental impact, driving innovative ideas solutions through 5 action areas:

Smarter futures

  • We manage and promote positive behaviours of our staff. We also inspire clients to develop their awareness and understanding of sustainability issues, and increase engagement with sustainable business practices

Carbon neutrality

  • We minimise our carbon footprint from our significant aspects and identity ways to offset the remaining emissions

Minimal waste

  • We follow the waste hierarchy within our premises

Sustainable procurement

  • We follow our Sustainable Procurement Code when making purchases

Compliance with legal and other obligations

  • We identify relevant legal and other obligations related to our operations, and confirm compliance through regular audits

All staff and associates are made aware of the aims and objectives of the Environmental Management System and associated operating procedures. They are expected to adhere to its requirements and are encouraged to suggest ways in which these can be improved.

This Policy is available on our website and is displayed in our office, and is reviewed annually.


Katherine Bew

Katherine Bew

Managing Director
Professional Construction Strategies Group Ltd