This policy is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of PCSG’s business information and significant investment we make in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) by setting out what constitutes appropriate and authorised use of ICT systems.

  • All ICT is primarily for business use. Limited personal use, including internet and email use, is only acceptable subject to the PCSG ICT rules.
  • All corporate data must be securely backed up.
  • All ICT equipment remains the property of PCSG and must only be used by authorised users.
  • All ICT equipment must be protected by a suitable password that is periodically changed.
  • ICT must not be used in a way that violates any laws or regulations.
  • Email and other forms of electronic messages must be treated as business correspondence with the weight of a legal document as they can be disclosable in the course of legal proceedings.
  • ICT equipment must not be tampered with and all PCSG security measures must be complied with.
  • Authorisation for new software installation is required from PCSG’s Director responsible for IT.
  • The ICT systems and internet shall not be used to store, display, generate and /or pass on to others any material that may be regarded as offensive, discriminatory and /or is actually or potentially defamatory.
  • PCSG reserves the right to monitor use of all ICT by anyone without further notice. Intentional or negligent failure to follow this policy may lead to disciplinary or legal action being taken; in some cases, this may constitute gross misconduct.
  • ICT service may be suspended if necessary to contain any system or network overload or malware.

The Technical Director is responsible for overseeing and implementing this policy and monitoring and reviewing its operation.

The policy applies to all employees (permanent and temporary) and any associates that utilise PCSG ICT. The Directors are committed to ensuring that this policy is understood and adhered to by staff and associates.

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure the management of ICT systems and equipment use is effective, consistently implemented, regularly reviewed and continually improved.


Katherine Bew 

Katherine Bew

Managing Director

Professional Construction Strategies Group Ltd