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Dramatic operational improvements and service availability through digital management

98% of the built estate and infrastructure network in the UK already exists.

To enable the most effective and safe delivery of services, asset owner operators need to ensure that their existing assets are available for use all of the time they are required.



Rapid discovery and peer review of inflight existing systems and processes including existing BIM strategies.

OIR (Organisation Information Requirements) AIR (Asset Information Requirements), Framework Employer’s Information Reqruiements), Asset Data Hierarchy, Data Dictionary, Mapping COBie, Picklist standards (levels, naming etc), retention policies.

Alignment to Digital Plan of Works, ‘To Be’ process development, testing and implementation based on standards and best practice to solve symptoms such as pending register

Assisting with requirements catalogue and product/supplier selection, client representative during implementation, advice on configuration and adherence to standards etc.

Expansion of the Information Manager role into a true client representative, auditing and providing advice independent to project team, verifying as-builts, soft landings champion role.

Information Management as a service once systems and processes are in place. Systems administration – user admin, permissions, auditing.

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PCSG is advising Sainsbury’s with a transformational digital estate programme which is helping the retailer save significant sums every year.

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Engie: Energy Generating Station Refurbishment

PCSG helps ENGIE spark off Leeds University generating station refurbishment.

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