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Digital Technology & Services

Helping asset owners put in place the technologies and systems needed to fully exploit the opportunities offered by today’s data-rich environment.

Our innovative and intelligent application of BIM, geospatial and IoT technologies, data analytics and digital engineering processes, enables asset and infrastructure owners to drive significant business efficiencies and to unlock value.



Designing the optimum structures for collecting, maintaining & sharing data.

A patchwork of existing systems, legacy technologies and siloed information are common challenges for asset owners seeking to implement an effective, cloud-based digital strategy.

Our expertly designed structures, simplify data access and optimise delivery operations. ​

Integrating and structuring data from current sources, we create a cohesive information model, supported by an overarching governance framework

of digital/cloud-related policies, standards and processes.​ The outcome: Decision makers can quickly access reliable information, easily navigate it and use it to inform their key operational and investment decisions.

Integrating data from multiple source systems to connect, assure and visualise key information.

Today, a vast volume of data about assets and their surroundings is available to built-environment professionals. Their challenge is to structure and connect it to gain full value from it.

We develop cohesive Cloud environments to manage digital assets and carefully crafted integration plans which align to our clients’ business strategies.

By delivering interactive access to unified information, we unlock value and enable dynamic business decisions at the strategic, managerial and technical levels.

Phased deployment programmes to ensure a smooth and secure roll-out of new systems.

PCSG’s Systems Deployment service supports our clients with the development of staged deployment programmes, which carefully manage the phased transition of information, management systems and applications.

Our digital experts design Cloud system structures which identify clear security access and permissions levels, and assure the security of information during roll-out.

Rapid development of prototypes to test the validity of technology interventions.

Getting ideas to market is a complex and laborious process. Our experienced team uses an agile approach and structured methodology, to shortcut this operation – developing, in weeks, prototypes

to test the validity of proposed technology interventions relating to data visualisation and business intelligence across a portfolio of built environment assets. ​

These interventions typically comprise the transformation and integration of datasets from multiple source systems (internal and external).

Industry-leading and intelligent BIM application.

Our BIM & Information Management Technical Project Services help our clients to execute their Cloud-based BIM strategies.

Our highly experienced team will coordinate data to visualise and construct 3D BIM models, enable 4D BIM, 5D BIM and COBie services and deliver economised systems with high-quality data models

Digital representations of real-world assets to enable informed decision-making to achieve best value, optimisation and risk reduction throughout the asset lifecycle.

Simulating virtual assets, systems and networks to ensure understanding and effective decision resolution.

One of the biggest challenges with BIM, drawings and other engineering or architectural information is the ability for lay users and operators to understand the content with any level of accuracy. This information is also only part of the build and natural environment story. The two key enablers for the digital twin are:

  • The ability to manage and aggregate data
  • The ability to present and analyse data in a meaningful format to the consumer.

Our solution, GeoConnect+, enables digitisation of estates, integrating and geospatially visualising supplier-delivered asset/project data – maintaining a golden thread of information throughout the asset lifecycle.

Deployed in a secure private UK cloud environment, the platform hosts digital twins and connects core asset information with limitless data from internal systems and external data sources.

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PCSG is advising Sainsbury’s with a transformational digital estate programme which is helping the retailer save significant sums every year.

University of Leeds

Engie: Energy Generating Station Refurbishment

PCSG helps ENGIE spark off Leeds University generating station refurbishment.

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Data Integration - GeoConnect+

The GeoConnect+ integration and visualisation platform is a powerful cloud service that integrates built asset information from multiple sources and provides contextual visualisation through a web browser – accessible through a desktop or mobile application.

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