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Predictive Performance

Digital analysis of asset performance to predict future performance

Traditional approaches to asset management have failed to achieve the balance between commercial viability and appropriate customer service. The needs of the customer are driven by service and asset availability and any lack of availability inevitably leads to frustration and added cost, and reduced customer perception and revenue to the operator.



Definition of new business models / Target Operating Models to respond to the opportunities presented by digital information. Assessments of current information management practices, definition of desired state and incremental improvement programmes.

Definition of the ‘Ask’ and linking this to the achievement of the outcomes and have traceability of all steps in-between. Definition of requirements, validation and verification planning including OIR, AIR, PIR, ORAT etc.

Gain clarity of current asset or service performance and impact on social outcomes. Determination of the ‘as-is’ state from a variety of static, semi-static and dynamic sources. Complex system integration, legacy system integration and architectural advisory services.

Transparency of project and operational performance. Project performance, analytics and reporting.

Gaining insights from the asset data held within an organisation. Using our collective experience and analytical tools to gather further insights about the current state and compare this to the brief or specification to make interventions and optimise service provision.

Assess capability of client organisation and their supply chain. Information reviews, security advice, supplier assessments, audits and certification support.

Provide support with definition, procurement and implementation of information systems including the specification, procurement, configuration and roll out of new systems.

Training in this area focuses on integrating asset data with other business systems to leverage increased value for the organisation. Training also in management strategies, procurement and planning, Standards, Methods & Procedures (SMP), systems, assurance and assessment, insight and intelligence and technical delivery support.

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The performance of our buildings is influenced by a great many things, but one aspect which is frequently poorly considered is the behaviour of the people who consume the space and services the building provides.

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