Standards and Compliance Support Services

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Driving improvement through compliance and a practical approach to standards

We believe the power in using standards is to define common processes, including governance or key interfaces such as data exchange, and that this should be applied in a way that minimises cost and maximises effectiveness.

Adding Value and Competitiveness

We always apply standards in a manner that is compliant but also relevant to the business executing the process, in order to add value and competitiveness. Key to our approach is achieving the business outcomes of the client organisation, whether they are safety, delivery or commercial. Quality management systems are key to unlocking short/medium-term cost savings and ensuring long-term business sustainability.

Drawing on our extensive track record gained in global contracting and design/engineering businesses, we assist in the strategic design of systems. This includes the provision of full information system design incorporating infrastructure, back office, construction and production systems, collaboration and information sharing, and Building Information Modelling (BIM), including systems integration and security (both physical and cyber). As part of this process, we can carry out detailed business process mapping and data requirements analysis to design bespoke systems to meet your specific needs and those of your clients.

We apply the same diligence to all sizes of business, and successful examples of our work are operating within Tier 1 organisations as well as Small and Medium Enterprises.

Data & Information Standards, Methods and Procedures

Ensuring compliance with and leveraging value from data and information standards and guidelines, including document standards, measurement standards, GIS standards, data standards, information exchange methods and procedures.

ISO Standards and quality management Systems (QMS) support

Advice and support in ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO 14001 environmental management systems, ISO 20121 event management systems and ISO 13485 medical devices quality management systems.

Environmental management systems (EMS) support

Advice and support to embed sustainability into all areas of business, experts at identifying practical opportunities for the business to improve their environmental performance, both internally and within their value chain.

Training in environmental management

IEMA qualified trainers with experience in delivering training to a wide audience.

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