The purpose and value of digital twins are discussed by Sydney Water and other leading public and private sector organisations in a webinar which  introduces the 2021 Digital Twin Challenge programme participants.

The group, one of the largest water utilities in Australia, explains the appeal of twins “from an asset owner lens” in the webinar, a recording of which is now available on the Smart Cities’ Council Digital Twin Hub.

Shane Reilly, Digital Engineering Leader at Sydney Water, explains: “We want to look at applying a digital twin to Sydney Water to help us … to better manage information as a group and to provide better services. We also want to connect to our strategic objectives – to improve sustainability and improve safety outcomes.  We want to leverage what is happening in the Digital Twin space and see how it can help us to do that.”

The group, which delivers billions of dollars of capital, operational and maintenance projects annually ahd has more than 5 million customers, is one of 16 organisations which are participating in the Smart Cities’ Council Digital Twin Challenge programme. Others include PCSG, WSP and the City of Melbourne.

The programme has been designed to accelerate understanding about the value of twins and to accelerate their adoption across Australia and New Zealand to support cities, governments and asset owners and operators.

The cohort will advance 13 projects to demonstrate the value of twins and produce valuable resources which will be shared freely to support government and industry globally in more effective and sustainable management of our built environment.

Adam Beck, Executive Director of the Smart Cities Council, said: “Across Australia and New Zealand, the value of data in helping deliver more sustainable infrastructure, providing the best community services, promoting economic development and repairing our critical ecosystem services is becoming more evident.

“We now urgently require the standards, templates, tools and guidance documents to realise this opportunity. The Digital Twin Challenge will help deliver this.”

A data-driven approach to management of our critical infrastructure is also regarded as key to helping countries to meet global commitments including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

PCSG has forged a position as one of the leading companies in shaping the Digital Twin narrative within the ANZ region.  We have developed Digital Twin strategies and Business cases for Digital Twin Victoria, the Greater Hobart Digital Twin and Fonterra.

If you would like to learn more about how we are helping cities, governments and asset owners and operators with their Digital Twin programs please contact Gavin Cotterill.