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Collaboration, Team Development & Cultural Change Management

Arming project consortiums and leadership teams with the techniques and tools to unlock high performance and to successfully manage the ‘people’ aspects of digital change programmes.

With more work being conducted remotely, effective leadership and the establishment of cohesive, engaged teams for complex project delivery has never been more important.



Setting teams up for success.

Successful delivery of major infrastructure projects hinges upon a strong, high performing team.

Using tools and techniques refined over more than a decade and through group an one-to-one workshops and coaching, we help set-up teams for success.

Our high-performance team (HPT) model helps to embed the optimum collaborative behaviours and equip teams with the ability to respond effectively when challenging periods occur.

Shaping sustainable cultural change.

The transition to digital has prompted substantial changes to the approach and business models of companies operating in the built environment.

For success, a shift in organisational culture – winning the hearts and minds of their teams, suppliers and stakeholders – is as critical as operational change.

Using structured improvement initiatives, we support our clients to deliver transformational change programmes – addressing processes, working methods and behaviours to embed lasting, positive change.

We recently supported Sellafield Ltd, with the development of a new approach to delivery to accelerate nuclear remediation works.

The ‘one team’ approach centred on close collaboration with their supply chain partners.

Support to reset teams after a period of turbulence or dysfunction.

Periods of turbulence and dysfunction within a team are a threat to successful outcomes.

We help teams to establish the processes and mechanisms to anticipate and pre-empt conflicting situations.

Where tensions have arisen, we support clients through workshops and one-to-one coaching, to identify root causes collaboratively, empower them to identify solutions, promote open dialogue and help get everyone back on track to achieve the strongest possible outcomes.

Coaching bid teams for tender interviews.

Tender interviews and behavioural assessments are today a standard element of the bidding process.

Through structured workshops and coaching sessions, practice Q&As and ‘war gaming’, we help project teams build a shared, clear understanding of their client’s objectives.

We build understanding around how their client will measure success.

We also enable them to confidently elucidate how their proposal meets those needs and to demonstrate that they are equipped with the collaborative behaviours aligned with successful delivery.

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Outcome-based Contracting at Sellafield

PCSG is helping Sellafield transform its operational culture to effectively manage the complex decommissioning programme over the short, medium and long-term

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Conflict Resolution

Major international infrastructure project, Middle East

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High Performance Teams – Workshops & Coaching

PCSG was appointed to work in partnership with Sir Robert McAlpine to deliver a major overhaul to their business systems.

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Agile High Performance Teamworking in Pre-Construction

A pre-construction team in a large UK contractor identified the need to improve its ways of working in order to be more successful.

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Leadership coaching & development

PCSG provides leadership coaching and support to senior executives in the construction sector as well as other industry sectors.

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