PCSG supports clients across all areas of our activities in digital and bidding.

For many years we have supported infrastructure bids both locally from our base in Brisbane and using staff from the UK, either in country, or remotely. More recently we have expanded our in-country operations to include our digital service offering. Australia’s growing public infrastructure spend across transportation and urban development sectors is driving forward the use of BIM and data management.

The three tiers of Federal, State and local government all plan to drive the economy through investment in transport and social infrastructure such as smart cities and sustainable community development, and there is a huge opportunity to converge national and state BIM, Internet of Things and SMART Cities strategies.

The use of digital engineering techniques is seen as crucial to boost efficiency across the Australian infrastructure supply chain as it prepares to deliver this wide-ranging Aus$50bn investment programme.

From our base in Melbourne, PCSG is well positioned to work with public and private sector organisations, to help clients learn lessons from the UK’s BIM experience and leverage the value digital data strategies can bring across Australia.

For all digital enquiries:

Gavin Cotterill
Gavin CotterillConsulting Director, Asia Pacific
Ph: +61 477 718777

For all bidding enquiries:

Rachel Fernando
Rachel FernandoBid Specialist, Asia Pacific
Ph: +61 400 064200