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People & Transformational Change

High performance leadership and teamworking to transform outcomes

The sheer pace of change in the 21st century is creating significant challenges for all our clients. Getting ‘the people stuff’ right is often challenging but the outcomes are always rewarding for individuals and of significant value to the organisation.



Working in close partnership with our clients we bring experience of managing transformational change programmes which are designed to have a lasting effect and achieve the desired outcomes. We are used to providing input and support at the strategic, managerial and technical levels, supplementing our clients’ teams and supporting senior executives in leading these programmes.

Usually provided as part of our transformation programmes, we undertake stakeholder mapping and detailing new roles and responsibilities using integrated RACI charts and role descriptions, as well as supporting the implementation programme.

Design of Benefits Frameworks and development of Benefits Management plans where benefits are targeted and clearly articulated eg availability of information, commercial savings, risk reduction, safety improvements. Benefits Management tools to manage the tracking and reporting during implementation.

Making collaboration work is not easy and our ability to facilitate the process is always in demand. Our High Performance Team Model has been developed over many years. In conjunction with other highly effective tools, we have used it countless times with our clients. It is simple and easy to use as an approach on a project, for a department, or an entire business.

Joint ventures are common place and alliances are increasing in popularity as a means of delivering assets more effectively. Our experience in the formation of JVs and Alliances and setting teams up for success, including their approach to collaboration is of value to our clients to de-risk the process and achieve the desired outcomes.

Tender interviews and behavioural assessments can be a highly challenging part of the tender process. We prepare teams in readiness for them by increasing their awareness of the behavioural aspects of the assessment process and practicing their approach in advance.

When teams experience difficulty help may be needed to unlock the best solution. Differences in culture and behaviours as well as opposing business drivers are common causes. We help teams identify causes and find solutions – thus improving outcomes.

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Outcome-based Contracting at Sellafield

PCSG is helping Sellafield transform its operational culture to effectively manage the complex decommissioning programme over the short, medium and long-term

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Conflict Resolution

Major international infrastructure project, Middle East

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High Performance Teams – Workshops & Coaching

PCSG was appointed to work in partnership with Sir Robert McAlpine to deliver a major overhaul to their business systems.

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Agile High Performance Teamworking in Pre-Construction

A pre-construction team in a large UK contractor identified the need to improve its ways of working in order to be more successful.

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Leadership coaching & development

PCSG provides leadership coaching and support to senior executives in the construction sector as well as other industry sectors.

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