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Digital Manufacturing

Transforming productivity through digital design and manufacturing processes.

If we are to provide economic and social infrastructure development at the rate society demands using current traditional methods, we will fail to achieve a fraction of the required output. Productivity and capacity constraints require a new approach.



Working with manufacturers, the construction supply chain and end clients to provide additional value-adding services through the use of digital technologies, and assessing the relevant benefits, opportunities and risks
Quantifying the benefits associated with products, services, technologies and skills to clients and supply chain partners, and assessing potential routes to market
Identifying how digital technologies and processes can deliver improvements in productivity
Developing approaches to delivering a circular construction economy, including how to provide products and services through the lifecycle of a built asset
Automating processes to support the design, delivery and operation of assets through advanced generative design, digitally connected supply chains and other technologies

Delivering strategies to realise the potential of Industry 4.0 for manufacturers, end clients and the construction supply chain

Developing clear and deliverable digital strategies across a manufacturing business, including analysis of current capabilities and sustainable implementation plans. Includes Product Information Management, product data structures and definitions and content management strategies
Applying advanced digital technologies, combined with significant manufacturing and prefabrication know-how to the construction industry, to deliver short and long-term product development strategies
Development of applications to automate workflows, or assess and demonstrate the value of new and existing products and technologies
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Generative Building Customizer

Using advanced generative design technologies, the Generative Building Customizer (GBC) is a break-through technology which automates the design and supply chain configuration processes for design for manufacture and assembly, including estimation, programme and performance analysis.

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An application developed by PCSG, to enable users to quickly assess the viability of any site in the UK for residential development, to automatically create detailed costs, bills of materials and programmes along with cash flow assessments.

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