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Smart, Sustainable Communities

Delivering sustainable community strategies to support and enhance citizens’ lives

We all live in a community, and often more than one. We have homes and families, work and leisure activities, all of which have different needs, dynamics, connectivity and perceptions.



Defining vision and values, sustainability risks and opportunities, objectives and targets. Roadmap and action plan to achieve targets, monitoring and reporting methods.

Define supplier impact, sustainable procurement code; supplier requirements; supplier assessment/ screening; supplier auditing.

Management systems, legal compliance, operational controls, monitoring/data standards, reporting frameworks, internal audits.

Delivery and support for implementation of sustainability programmes and projects.

Sustainability/ environmental/ quality programmes and projects – specification, implementation, project management, reporting.

The Land Rover logo

Award-winning sustainability programme

PCSG led the award-winning sustainability programme for Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup Racing Team – Land Rover BAR.

An image of the North Devon and Torridge district council logos

A digital Northern Devon - North Devon Council and Torridge District Council

PCSG worked in collaboration with North Devon Council and Torridge District Council to develop the Digital Northern Devon Strategy.

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