PCSG is set to play a key role in supporting the adoption of digital engineering across the Australian and New Zealand transport sector following our appointment to produce a Digital Engineering guide for the influential Austroads group.

Our team will work collaboratively with industry, government and Austroads to produce a practical Guide to Digital Engineering. The guide, which is scheduled to be released in early 2023, will assist Australasian transport agencies to deliver and operate their assets more effectively and obtain better value by consistently applying Digital Engineering (DE).

Initial stakeholder engagement work has shown that some states have no strategy or guidance in place around DE for their road and transport agencies. Many that have introduced it have struggled to accelerate DE adoption across their transport portfolios.

This is a result of a few factors including a lack of knowledge among ANZ transport agency executives of how to embark on a digital journey and the benefits it can unlock; an inconsistent approach across different jurisdictions; a lack of clearly defined use cases to showcase the benefits of a data-driven approach and a lack of capability and capacity within the agencies to develop and implement digital strategies.

Understanding these challenges will be key in developing the guide and the new Austroads guide to DE will build on existing national and state government DE guidance to provide a user-friendly, ‘one stop shop’ for agencies around digital engineering.

It will include:

  • Strategic guidance for government executives to understand how data and information can help deliver on their policy and strategic objectives.
  • Technical guidance to support the application of DE on transport projects in relation to people, process, information and enabling technologies
  • Detailed case studies and examples to elucidate the benefits of implementing BIM and digital processes on transport projects at each stage of the life cycle: Planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance
  • A clear overview of how to build DE training and capability programmes for executives and project managers working within the transport sector.

Gavin Cotterill, Consulting Director, Asia Pacific, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Austroads to deliver this important piece of guidance to the ANZ transport sector. Our team will bring its national and international experience to this project, and we will be taking a highly collaborative approach with industry and government in developing the guide.”

PCSG has a track record of support transporting agencies of all sizes to implement digital strategies and adopt processes, including BIM, to support effective management of their assets and delivery of their capital programmes.

If you would like to learn more on how we are helping transport infrastructure owners and operators with the development and implementation of digital strategies, please contact Gavin.Cotterill