The drive to embed digital techniques across Hong Kong construction continues tomorrow with a webinar which will promote the critical role of the Common Data Environment in underpinning building projects.

More than 600 individuals from across the Hong Kong AEC sector have signed-up for the ‘connected data environment’ event – one of a series being held by the government backed Construction Industry Council (CIC). The CDE is the ecosystem used to collect, manage and disseminate data through all stages of an asset’s lifecycle.

The event will include an overview from PCSG’s Ian Blackman on our GC+ technology. The cloud-based platform, currently being deployed by HS2, has set a new benchmark for the industry by showing how vast swathes of asset and project data can be seamlessly connected up on complex projects to inform decision making, streamline capital delivery and enhance key areas such as safety and end-user experience.

Initially slow to adopt digital practices and Building Information Modelling – which describes the process of creating and managing a model containing digital information about a built asset – uptake is now growing across Hong Kong’s AEC sector. Understanding is building in the territory around its ability to unlock significant efficiencies across the asset lifecycle.

The drive has been helped by the efforts of the Government of Hong Kong, which, in January 2018, mandated that all state-funded projects with a value of more than $30 million were required to include BIM in their design and build..

Globally, 80 per cent of large infrastructure projects run over budget and 20 per cent run over programme, McKinsey data shows. A key contributor to the problem is incomplete, unreliable information.

The CIC webinar will start with an introduction from Dr Llewelyn Tang, Associate Professor in BIM at the University of Hong Kong and a partner of PCSG. It will include presentations on a range of pre-approved CDE technology as listed by the CIC.

The CIC, whose functions include the promotion of the ongoing “development and improvement” of the construction industry, said: “Setting-up a common data environment (CDE) to collect, manage and disseminate data and project information throughout the project lifecycle, is gaining traction…. With that in mind, CIC has launched this webinar series to ….facilitate the implementation of CDEs across the industry.”

PCSG is playing a pivotal role in supporting Hong Kong to meet its ambitious objectives for the construction industry. Our work is being led by our chairman, Dr Mark Bew – a recognised authority in the field of BIM and digital technology systems for construction. His strategic advice is sought by businesses and governments around the globe.

The webinar will take place on 10th July at 16.00 HKT. Click here to register.